White Magnesite Stone Diffuser Stone Stacking Bracelet

White Magnesite Stone Diffuser Stone Stacking Bracelet


Our white magnesite stone diffuser bracelet is a beautiful way of diffusing essential oil. This bracelet features a silver metal embellishment and volcanic bead to absorb essential oil. Great stacking bracelet and can be matched with our other diffuser bracelets!

8mm beads


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Each piece is lovingly designed and handmade by me, Michelle! I provide elegantly rustic jewelry for the everyday woman! I believe in offering high quality jewelry, made to last at an affordable price. Though a lot of my jewelry is delicate, I use superior craftsmanship. All my items are made in my home during naptime!

Volcanic lava beads are a naturally occurring porous substance that soaks up essential oils and perfectly diffuses the scent throughout the day.
Just put one drop of your preferred essential oil on any bead (or mix your own blend by putting multiple oils on each bead) and enjoy!
Once the scent dissipates, anywhere from 6-24 hours, depending on the type of oil and brand you use, just put another drop on.